How to share a subcorpus within my corpus with someone else?

First, you need to share your corpus with the concrete user. See the instructions on how to do it.

Then you need to define your subcorpus via a subcorpus definition. (If you want to create a subcorpus without sharing it with other users, see this page.)

Open your corpus go to Manage corpus ➝ Configure ➝ Expert settings ➝ Subcorpus definition. Here you can define your subcorpus by typing the structure(s) and attribute(s) from which the subcorpus will be compiled. See more details about writing subcorpus definitions. When you finish your subcorpus definitions, click Save and Compile now to create a new subcorpus according to your definitions. This new subcorpus is accessible to users with whom you shared your corpus. 

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