How to remove a particular document from my corpus?

It is possible to remove a particular document from your corpus created in Sketch Engine. To do so, please go to Manage corpus ➝ Browse and click the folder you would like to delete a document from. Then click the three dots on the right side of the document you wish to delete ➝ Delete. After deleting the document, you will need to recompile your corpus, so the changes are carried out. 

In case you would like to delete smaller parts from the corpora, not the whole documents, it is not possible to do it in the interface. You would need to download the corpus (Manage corpus ➝ Download ➝ txt format), open it in any text editor, and manually delete the unwanted parts. After saving the changed document, you might upload it back to Sketch Engine.

  1. Download the corpus as TXT (Manage corpus ➝ Download ➝ txt format).
  2. Open the downloaded file in a text editor (it is recommended to use an advanced text editor, e.g. Notepad++, as it might help you with further processing).
  3. Find the parts you want to remove and delete them (this is the part where an advanced text editor might come in handy, e.g. you can automatically search for a string 'page [0-9]*' and automatically replace it with nothing, i.e. deleting it). 
  4. Save the changed file and upload it back to Sketch Engine. 
This way, you will get a new version of your corpus without texts you removed before on your computer.

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